Soshanguve man encourages residents to love and take care of their dogs


“If I cannot step in, most dogs will spend their doggy years in misery and always be confined in chains.”


A Soshanguve resident has encouraged residents to love and take of their dogs instead of mistreating them. Tebogo Maredi from Soshanguve, block W, has been assisting community members with washing their dogs, feeding them, helping sick dogs with medication, and advising residents about how to love their dogs.

Maredi said he fell in love with dogs after he was given a three-year-old Boerboel named Ellie. He said the dog showed him the kind of love he never had before which made his love for animals grow.

“I wash her and take her out for walks on a daily basis and she is properly fed. Everyone is amazed by her size as most people in my block were not familiar with Boerboels,” he said.

“When taking her out on walks, we meet very skinny dogs, stray dogs, dogs infested with ticks.

I realised that if I cannot step in, most dogs will spend their doggy years in misery, always confined in chains. “I realised something has to change.”

Maredi said he then started identifying households with dogs that are kept on leashes, underfed dogs and the ones that are not properly taken care of.

“I assist the owners with taking care of the dogs, mostly children as they give me a very good reception and they are able to learn about taking care of dogs.

“I used to go from house to house washing dogs and providing them with a bit of dog food, but I was limited by funds,” he said. “

After saving money, on January 15, I hosted an event where I invited community members that have dogs to come to wash them, treat their ear wounds and remove ticks and fleas.”

Maredi said some of the challenges he faced are people who keep dogs even though they cannot afford to take care of them.

“Some cannot provide the dogs with adequate shelter and I’m always fighting people to keep dogs off a chain.”

He said his aim is to educate children and the community about taking care of dogs, nurturing them and giving them the love they deserve.

He wants to make sure no dog in his neighbourhood goes to sleep on an empty stomach or is subjected to fending for themselves.

Maredi said he would also like to create fun activities for the dogs, owners and their children.

“I would love to have an ongoing thing where we provide dogs with dog food every week, washing dogs every weekend and being able to provide dogs with their medication.”

He asked anyone who might be able to help him achieve his goal to donate:

  • leashes and collars;
  • dog food;
  • shampoos and sprays to remove ticks;
  • blankets;
  • treats to help teach a dog commands;
  • brushes and cleaning equipment;
  • water and food bowls;
  • medication for dogs;
  • toys for both dogs and children

This article originally appeared in the Rekord Newspaper HERE 

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